Lush Lassi
10 Min

Lush Lassi

The lush lassi, essentially a coconut milk based mango lassi spiked with rum is one of my personal favorite drinks at Pondicheri. The key is to get an Indian brand of canned mango puree – it will be sweetened however you will not be able to match the aroma or flavor of that mango in any other puree. It’s a very simple recipe so give it a try!
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Cook Time

10 Minutes



Step 1
Combine coconut lassi and keep refrigerated until use.
Step 2
Prepare a cold glass cup by coating the rim with lemon juice and the chili mix.
Step 3
In a tumbler, add light ice, rum, and coconut lassi, then shake the liquids until smooth or once the lassi has slightly thinned.
Step 4
Slowly strain into a garnished glass.

1 1/2 ounces rum

4 ounces coconut mango lassi 

Cubed or regular ice


2 ounces lemon juice

Chili and salt mix for rim

Notes & Variations

  • Use a pre-refrigerated glass since the finished cocktail doesn’t include ice.
  • Add a dash of lemon juice for an extra bite.
  • The lassi shouldn’t be thick once poured into the glass.
10 Min

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